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Beo.Storch is a German Air unit added in Back to Hell. It is a Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch" acting as artillery observer for 600mm off-map artillery.


This Beo.Storch is spotting for an off-map Karl-Gerät, a self-propelled vehicle weighting about 125 t mounting a siege mortar with a caliber of 600mm.

“Emergency” “Fire for effect” “Barrage”
Aiming time 32 sec 48 sec 64 sec
Shots fired 1 1 1
Dispersion 200m 150m 100m

According to the file "GameData/Gameplay/Gfx/Generated/Ammunition.ndf" each type of artike uses a different ammunition type. Each does a physical damage of 30 and has an AoE of 168m, they differ only in their dispersion values.

The dispersion represent the radial accuracy.


As any artillery observer the Beo.Storch must be within spotting range of its target when calling in the strike but also stay withing spotting range until the bombardment commences! Being an airplane, the Beo.Storch (600mm) is prone to attacks by anti-air units, and airplanes alike. Being a very slow unit, it is particularly vulnerable to dogfighters.

While units such as the German Beo.Kübel. (380mm), the American Ford GPA OP (356mm) or the British Willys OP (381mm) destroy hard buildings (anything besides concrete bunkers) with one hit, the 600mm howitzer packs an even bigger punch.

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