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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Bef. U304(f)

Bef. U304(f) is a German Transport unit.


Due to deficiencies in industrial capacity, Germany was forced to press captured enemy materiel and vehicles into service, from cars to tanks. The U304(f) was a Unic P107 half-track converted by Major Alfred Becker for German use. The conversion was compatible with a number of weapon systems and could be tailored for a variety of purposes. This U304(f) was used to carry command elements of the armored battalion of the two Panzergrenadier Regiments of the 21. Panzer


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  • Like other organic armored halftracks, the U304 can provide an edge in infantry attacks, supporting own units against the enemy's. Of course, since it's lightly armored, it's easy prey for any anti-tank weapon.

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