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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:AB Scouts

AB Scouts is a British Recon unit. They're the airborne variant of the normal Scouts unit fielded by the 6th Airborne division, being exceptionally well-armed and experienced. They are capable of holding their own in a fight with enemy infantry, but being composed of five men, the unit is not designed to be durable enough to be continuously committed to combat. Instead, they serve as the stock reconnaissance infantry unit amongst other incredibly potent and specialised recon troops such as the Pathfinders & the AB sniper deployed by the division.


Reconnaissance is a vital branch of warfare. An army's ability to gain information beforehand can sometimes fundamentally impact the course of a battle or a war, as can be attested throughout history. Lack of information about the enemy and his whereabouts has resulted in momentuous defeats, while accurate reconnaissance has led to decisive victories by much smaller forces.

Steel Division, like the Wargame series, puts a heavy emphasis on recon units. Armoured cars, infantry recon and aerial reconnaissance all play their part in revealing the enemy's strength, whereabouts and disposition. By doing so, an effective response to the enemy player can be devised beforehand. Recon infantry is the bread-and-butter field reconnaissance, as it is the stealthiest, least expensive, most numerous and most survivable of the three recon categories.Recon can also be conducted in an offensive manner. This usually includes armoured cars, armed with weapons capable of destroying enemy armoured cars carrying out similar reconnaissance tasks. However, some infantry and airborne divisions field exceptionally well-armed and powerful reconnaissance troops that are more than capable of putting up a fight - and winning it too.


The 6th Airborne is host to a wider range of infantry reconnaissance than most other divisions. These troops are also very experienced, a significant benefit in engagements. The AB Scouts serve as the primary 'standard' recon infantry, much more powerful than the Scouts unit employed by other Allied divisions. However, they are foremost used to reveal the enemy and not for fighting. In contrast, the more expensive Pathfinders are much better suited to combat in addition to reconnaissance and Snipers fulfill a support role. This is not to say that the AB Scouts cannot fight - they are dangerous adversaries in 'hedgerow hell', and can also deal with vehicles and tanks at a very close 100m range.

Many players, however, prefer paying a little more for veteran Pathfinders than using scout troops. This is because Pathfinders are in essence veteran riflemen & recon unit combined into one neat general-purpose package, capable of dealing with soft & hard targets as well as fulfilling a reconnaissance role.

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