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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:75mm SP Autocar M3

75mm SP Autocar M3 is a British Anti-tank unit added in Back to Hell.


An interesting solution for the lack of self-propelled artillery in the U.S. Army's arsenal, the M3 Gun Motor Carriage was introduced in 1941 to fill the niche until purpose-built vehicles became available. Mounting an old M1897A5 field gun on the versatile M3 half-track, it was ultimately used in dual fire support and tank destroyer roles, starting with fighting in the Philippines against the Japanese. By 1942, the M3 GMC was used in the North African Campaign, where its limitations became apparent, as it was not designed for tank hunting, but rather, tank ambushing. By the time of Operation Husky in 1943, the M3 was replaced in service by the M10 Wolverine tank destroyer and most were converted back into half-tracks. A limited numer remained in use by the USMC in the Pacific, where Japanese tanks were easy prey for the M3.

A total of 2 202 were produced, with 170 supplied to the British as part of the Lend-Lease program, and a small number provided to the Free French Army as training units.

11th Hussars a Armored Car Regiment that supported the 7th Armoured used 75mm SP Autocar M3 in their Heavy Troops. These were used until the barrels wore out and the weapon could not be replaced.


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