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Zen. Art. 85mm obr. 39 is a Soviet Anti-air unit in Steel Division II.


85-мм зенитная пушка обр. 1944 г. (52-К) or 85 mm air defense gun M1944 (52-K) was one of the Soviet Union's most effective dual purpose guns in World War II. Designed by M.N. Loginov and G.D. Dorokhin, the gun entered service in 1939 and was issued with anti-tank ammunition from the beginning for use against armored targets. After Fall Barbarossa, it demonstrated its effectiveness in both roles, used against aircraft at medium and high altitudes as well as ground targets. When the need for a more powerful tank gun was apparent, the 52-K was used as basis for developing them, leading to the creation of the D-5 85mm gun used in the SU-85 and the first runs of the T-34/85, and the ZiS-S-53, which after modifications became the standard for all T-34/85 tanks from model 1944 onwards.

Available Transport[]

184-ya Strelkovy

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