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Tankodesantniki is a Soviet Infantry unit in Steel Division II.


Each Tank Brigade's Motor Submachine gun battalion has a company of tank riding infantry which were divided among the tank battalions. These infantry's mission was to protect their mounts against German Anti-tank guns and anti tank infantry.

Available Transport[]

2-ya Gvard. Tankovy Korpus 3-ya Gvard. Tankovy Korpus 29-ya Tankovy Korpus 3-ya Gvard. Mechanizi. Korpus Podv. Gruppa Tyurina Podv. Gruppa Bezuglogo 44-ya Gvard. Strelkovy 184-ya Strelkovy 3-ya VDV
M2 50 50 50 12 18 12 12 12
M2A1 18 18 18 6 6 6 6 6 9


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