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T-34/85 Reshetnkov is a Soviet Tank unit in Steel Division II.

He is an unique ace from the 29-ya Tankovy Korpus.


Main article: T-34/85 Komroti

Captain Nikolay Reshetnikov was born in 1921 in Agafonevke, in Saratov, Russia. A graduate of the veterinary college, he volunteered for service in the military and graduated from the Orenburg tank school, serving through the war on the front lines, culminating in a drive to the sea, closing the Memel encirclement.

Under Reshetnikov's command, his tank battalion crossed the Minia river, breaking through the enemy defense on the other shore and rushing towards the Memel-Libau railway line. Subsequent breakthroughs at Kretinga, Rudac, and Ushpelki resulted in the rout and destruction of fleeing enemy forces, including 18 tanks, six guns, seven mortar batteries, two APCs, 32 cars, 68 train cars of cargo, and more than 250 enemy soldiers. Reshetnikov's tank took out five enemy armored vehicles (four Tigers and one Ferdinand), 12 vehicles, and nearly fifty enemy soldiers.

For his actions, he was awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union. He continued to serve in the Soviet Army after the war, eventually passing away on August 27, 1959.


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