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StuG III G Oberloskamp is a Germany Tank unit in Steel Division II.

He is an unique ace from the 14. Infanterie.


Main article: StuG III G (SD2)

Lieutenant Walther Oberloskamp (born January 27, 1920) was one of the top scoring Panzer aces of the Heer, responsible for destroying over 40 tanks with his StuG III G while serving as Zugführer (platoon leader) in the 3./Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 667. For his achievements, he was awarded the Knight's Cross on May 10, 1943. His career ended on the battlefield on June 26, 1944, east of Minsk, as an Oberleutnant and Führer 2./Stug.Brig. 667 (same unit as before, renamed to a Brigade in February 1944). His unit would be nearly wiped out in July, before being rebuilt and reassigned to the Weastern Front.


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