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Snayperi Shanina is a Soviet Union Recon unit in Steel Division II.

She is an unique ace from the 184-ya Strelkovy.


One of the most recognizable figures of the Soviet Army, Roza Shanina was one of seven children born in a small village in the Arkhangelsk Oblast of the Soviet Union. Born in 1924, she was known for her determination, especially when it came to obtaining an education: After finishing four classes of elementary school, she continued her schooling in Bereznik, 13 kilometers away from her home town, and then, at the age of 14, walked 200 kilometers on her own to Arkhangelsk to study at the local college. When tuition was introduced, she supported herself with a job at the local kingerdarten, finally graduating in the 1941/1942 academic year.

After the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany in June 1941, Shanina participated in emergency efforts to protect Arkhangelsk from Luftwaffe raids. She volunteered for military service after her younger brother died during the siege of Leningrad, and was eventually accepted for training in 1943, enrolling in the Central Women's Sniper Training School after repeated applications. Graduating with honors, Shanina refused an instructor post and joined the 184th Rifle Division on April 2, 1944. She distinguished herself in combat, with a confirmed 59 kills and three military awards: Orders of Glory 3rd and 2nd class and a Medal for Courage. Although the Soviet Union started withdrawing women snipers from the front, Shanina remained on the frontlines through Operation Bagration and into the East Prussian Offensive.

Shanina did not survive the war. She was gravely wounded by artillery fire near Ilmsdorf in East Prussia and died the following day, despite attempts to save her. She rose to prominence again 20 years after the end of the war, with the publication of her diary, becoming an enduring element of Soviet and later Russian popular culture.


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