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Schwarloze is a Hungarian Support unit in Steel Division II.


Maschinengewehr (Schwarzlose) M. 7 was a Austrian Hungarian Machine gun that served in the Great War that remained in service in the Hungarian forces in the Second World War.

The Infantry Division have a Heavy Machine Gun Company in each Infantry Battalion with 12 HMGs.

The 1944 Cavalry Division had a two HMGs in each Cavalry Squadron while a 12 HMGs in a Heavy Machine Gun Platoon in the Heavy Company.

Available Transport[]

1. Lovas 12. Tartalék
BMW 750 32 32
38M Botond A 300 200
37M Hansa Lloyd 32 16
37M Krupp 32
37M Krupp T.V. 18
M38 MB G-5 24 12
28M Pavesi 8
Komsomolets (Hun) 12


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