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SU-76P is a Soviet Support unit in Steel Division II.


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One of the most numerous tanks in Soviet service, the T-26 was an evolution of the British Vickers-Armstrong 6-Ton tank. While unsuccessful with the British Army, the design was purchased by numerous foreign countries, including the Soviet Union. Arriving in the USSR between 1930 and 1932, along with full technical documentation for manufacturing, the tanks was put in service as the T-26.

It was not a simple copy of the Vickers 6-Ton, as it received numerous modifications over the course of its service, including new turrets, armor increases, better armament, radio sets, better engines, and eventually a fully welded, rather than riveted hull. It remained as the primary tank of the Red Army's tank units and hundreds were provided to Spain, China, and Turkey before the outbreak of the war, although by the early forties its deficiencies became clear, especially its limited armor thickness and mobility.

Although its flaws were evident, the T-26 remained in service into 1941, with over ten thousand available on the eve of Fall Barbarossa. Most were lost in the first months of the campaign, and was gradually replaced in service by the much more capable T-34. However, captured units remained in service with Axis forces and their allies, while the last Soviet units to use the T-26 seized Manchuria in late 1945.

The SU-76 was a T-26 with the turret removed and a modified superstructure designed to accommodate a rear-mounted 76.2mm regimental gun.


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