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Razvedka is a Soviet Recon unit in Steel Division II.


Razvedka translates to Scout or Reconnaissance. After 1942 the Soviet recon doctrine had the Razvedka infantry, Razvedka tanks or other Razvedka vehicles conduct reconnaissance 'in force'. Meaning reinforced companies or battalions would attack enemy posistions days before the real offensive to determine enemy strength and precise disposistions. The technique became a prime indicator for incoming attacks however. The soviet solution was to attack and recon on a much broader front within twinty four hours of the planned offensive.

Later in the war the Soviets would use recon in force as a method of deception.

Only 3000 M1 Bazooka were lend leased to the Soviet Union with along with 4,260 rockets.[1]


The Razedka are equipped with a single Bazooka, allowing them to safely engage and destroy enemy tanks at close range. Their SVT-40 semi-automatic rifles also provides the Scouts with good firepower against infantry.

Available Transport[]

2-ya Gvard. Tankovy Korpus

3-ya Gvard. Tankovy Korpus

29-ya Tankovy Korpus

3-ya Gvard. Mechanizi. Korpus

Podv. Gruppa Vyborg

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