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MG 08 is a German Support unit in Steel Division II.


MG 08 was the main Heavy Machine Gun of the German Empire during the Great War. During the beginning of the Second World War MG 08 remained in front line service with the lack of prodution of the MG 34 and other more modern Heavy Machine Guns. These heavy machine guns were then transferred to second line formations like the 716. Infanterie and Korück 559 and fixed defenses like the Atlantic Wall.

First and third battalion of the Grenadier-Regiment 726 from 716. Infanterie. was detached to the 352. Infanterie.

Available Transport[]

352. Infanterie (SD2) Korück 559
Horch 108 12 12
Kübel. (SD2) 18 20
Opel Blitz (SD2) 120 60
ZiS-5V (Ger) 150
DMA (SD2) 40
Maultier (SD2) 20
Sd.Kfz. 7 (SD2) 20


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