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For the Steel Division: Normandy 44 unit see SD:Kangaroo

Kangaroo is a Canada Support unit in Steel Division II.


The Kangaroo was an improvised measure to reduce infantry casualties in the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division in July 1944. 3rd Canadian Infantry Division's Field Artillery Regiments were equipped with M7 Priest during the landing phase but was replaced by 25-pdr. 72 M7 Priest self-propelled howitzers were modified by removing the 105mm howitzer and all of its fittings (turning them into defrocked Priests, as the soldiers jokingly referred to them). Fast, maneuverable, and most importantly, effective in protecting the troops carried inside, the Kangaroos spurred the development of dedicated armored personnel carriers after the war. These Kangaroos were returned to the US Army and were replaced by Ram Kangaroo.

The crews for the Kangaroo was taken from 3rd Canadian Infantry's Artillery Regiments and various Armored Regiments and became the 1st Armored Carrier Squadron. This expanded to became the 1st Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment and became the only Canadian formation in the 79th Armored Division.


Kangaroo allows 3rd Canadian Infantry Division to transport heavy infantry squads in armor.

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