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Il-4 Medium Rocket is a Soviet Air unit in Steel Division II.


The Ilyushin Il-4 was a Soviet twin-engined long-range bomber, produced as a variant of the earlier DB-3 bomber, though all DB-3 were re-designated as Il-4 in 1942. A total 6784 aircraft were produced, 1528 DB-3s and 5256 Il-4s. Though it was a long-range bomber, and was sent on bombing missions over Berlin in 1941, it was mostly used on short range missions.



The BETAB-750DS was a colossus. The sheer impracticality of employing a four meter long bomb munition would seem to have been obvious to anyone, but apparently this was not the case at the NII-24. Constructed as the previous rocket bomb types, the diameter of this weapon was 305 mm, both the rocket housing and the warhead. The -750DS could only be carried by the Il-4, two at a time.

Berezin UB

The Berezin UB (УБ - Универсальный Березина, "Berezin's Universal") was a 12.7 mm caliber Soviet aircraft machine gun widely used during World War II. The UB is an improved design which came in three different variants: UBK (Крыльевой, Krylyevoi, for the wings), UBS (Синхронный, Sinkhronniy, Synchronized), and UBT(Турельный, Turelniy, for the turret).


The ShKAS (Shpitalny-Komaritski Aviatsionny Skorostrelny, Shpitalny-Komaritski rapid fire for aircraft) is a 7.62 mm machine gun widely used by Soviet aircraft in the 1930s and during World War II. ShKAS was used in most Soviet fighters and bombers and served as the basis for the ShVAK cannon.


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  • The slogan on the side reads Смерть Немецким оккупантам! or Death to the German occupiers!