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Gran. PM-38 120mm is a Soviet Artillery unit in Steel Division II.


120-PM-38 was a scaled up Gran. M-37 82mm. This used the same two-wheeled limber as 107 mm PBHM-38.

In the rifle regiments, 120-PM-38 were used in the Heavy Mortar Battery of 8 Mortars.

In the Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Tank Corps and Mechanized Rifle Brigades of the Mechanized Corps has a Mortar Battalion with one Battery equipped with 6 120-PM-38 the other two batteries equipped with 12 Gran. M-37 82mm.

9-ya Gvard. Kavalerii had 181st Guards Artillery Mortar Slonim Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Regiment which had three batteries of 6 120-PM-38 along with two eight gun ZiS-3 76.2mm batteries

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Podv. Gruppa Vyborg


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