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For the Steel Division: Normandy 44 unit see SD:Ersatztruppen

Ersatztruppen is a German Infantry unit in Steel Division II.


Ersatztruppen are replacement troops from Feldersatz-Bataillon of the Wehrmacht, pressed into front line service in Eastern Front. These troops were straight out off basic training in Germany or divisional support troops and were placed in the Divisional Feldersatz-Bataillon to get trained in training according to the area of operations, weapons handling, tactics before being sent to their units. As their purpose is training replacement soldiers for line units, rather than participating in direct combat, they understandably lack the training necessary to withstand the pressures of combat. In that same measure of they are not equipped for competing with the majority of Allied infantry. The losses of infantry forced the German Divisions to use replacements and converted non infantry soldiers in a front line service.

Available Transport[]

Panzerdivision Tatra 5. Panzer 20. Panzer 21. Panzer 26. Panzer 116. Panzer 25. Panzergrenadier Gruppe Harteneck 78. Sturm 14. Infanterie 122. Infanterie 28. Jäger 352. Infanterie 20. Panzergrenadier
Opel Blitz 200 80 50 30 40 40 80 120 150 150 120 150 120 80
ZiS-5V (Ger) 30 30
DMA 20 40
Laffly S-35T 32
RSO 12
Sd.Kfz. 11 12
Kfz. 70 (SD2) 24 300


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