Eclaireurs (Bel)

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Recon squad
SD2 T2DD Armory 107.png
Scout small uk bel sd2.png
General data
Deployment cost15
Weap sten sd2.png

2x Sten (9mm)

Rate of fire: 374 r/m

Damage: 0.4
Suppression: 12
Blast: 26
Accuracy: 40 %
Range: 100 m

Ammunition640 (SMG)
Squad strength2
Mobility and detection
OpticsVery high
CargoVery light
Special abilities
This unit is specialised in reconnaissance: it can spot an enemy unit from further away than regular troops, and identify it quicker.Recon troops don't affect the frontline, nor are they affected by morale penalties in enemy territory. RECON

Eclaireurs is a Belgium Recon unit in Steel Division II.

Background[edit source]

Brigade Piron was equipped a Scout platoon in each motorized company.

The Belgium Armored Car Squadron has in each Armored Car troops two Dingo Scout Cars along with three Daimler Armored Cars.

A source suggest that the Armored Car Squadron has access to winklers which were Jeep mounted scouts.

Available Transport[edit source]

6th Airborne (SD2)
MMG Carrier 12
Univ. Carrier 12
Daimler Scout Car 10
Willys MB 12

Strategy[edit source]

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