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Chwat is a Polish Tank unit in Steel Division II.


Perhaps the ultimate evolution of the LT vz.38, the history of this tank hunter is longer than just the conversion. When its weapons and armor lost competitiveness, it was modified as a self-propelled anti-tank gun, the Marder III, with captured Soviet 76.2mm guns. However, as powerful and reliable as it was, it suffered from a high silhouette and lacking protection. Its successor would be the result of a Waffenamt initiative to create a new, light tank destroyer that would be cheap to produce, reliable to maintain, and offer the same firepower as its bigger brothers derived from medium tank chassis.

The Jagdpanzer 38(t) was the result of this project, developed in parallel with the Romanian Mareșal and sharing many of its design features, most importantly the heavily sloped armor. Inspired by the T-34 encountered in Ukraine, the sloped armor allowed for reducing armor thickness and mass, without sacrificing protection. While the Romanian project failed due to the fall of the fascist government, the German hunter was developed quite rapidly, with the first mock-up created in January 1944 and production vehicles reaching the military in March.

Mounting a 7.5 cm PaK 39 and with 60mm plate on the front (sloped to give an effective 120mm of armor), it was a powerful tank destroyer whose low silhouette and small dimensions made it a superior ambusher and stalker. However, it was hampered by the thin sides and rear, limited visibility, making it reliant on infantry for close protection, and a 160 HP Praga AC/2 engine that struggled with the 15 ton vehicle, giving it limited speed, especially in rough terrain. However, when Nazi commanders used it while mindful of its limitations, it proved to be a lethal adversary and one of the most numerous tank destroyers in Nazi service, at 2 827 produced. Although somewhat flawed, the design was successful enough that it was adopted by the Swiss and remained in service until the 1970s, under the G-13 designation, its original factory code.

Chwat was a captured Jagdpanzer 38(t). During the Warsaw uprising Polish Home Army was able to capture a Jagdpanzer 38(t) from Heeres-Panzerjäger-Abteilung 743. This vehicle was placed into service since the Home Army did not have many armored assets available. This vehicle was buried under various building when the Post Office was bombarded. This vehicle was recovered in 1946 but was scrapped by the Communist government.


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