CMP Polsten (Belg)

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CMP Polsten
SP anti-aircraft gun
SD2 T2DD Armory 139.png
Bofors portee uk sd2.png
General data
Deployment cost45
Weap polsten 20mm aa sd2.png

1x Polsten (20mm)

Rate of fire: 374 r/m
Traverse: 90°/s

Damage: 0.8
Suppression: 15
Blast: 1040
Accuracy: 10 %
Range: 1000 m

Damage: 0.5
Suppression: 10
Blast: 520
Accuracy: 10 %
Range: 2000 m

Ammunition900/900 (HE/Bullet)
Top bofors portee uk sd2.png
Mobility and detection
Speed50 km/h
Speed on roads80 km/h
StealthVery bad

CMP Polsten is a Belgian Anti-air unit in Steel Division II.

Background[edit source]

Brigade Prion has in the 2nd Platoon of its three Motorized Companies a air defense component equipped with CMP Polsten.

Strategy[edit source]

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