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For the Steel Division: Normandy 44 unit see SD:Bofors (US)

Bofors is a United States Anti-air unit in Steel Division II.


Bofors were used in Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion Mobile. Each Battery had eight of these Guns supported by eight more of M51 Multiple Machine Gun Carriage the same weapon system that M16 MGMC mounted. These battalions were attached to the Infantry Division.

413th AAA Gun Bn (Mbl) served with the 3rd Armored during 7 July 44-16 July 44.

Various AAA Gun Battalions (Mobile) served with 2nd Infantry (SD2).

Task Force 45 had 5 AAA Gun Battalions (Mobile) as the 45th AA Brigade. Most of these battalions were converted to Provisional Infantry Battalions with Air defense equipment placed in storage.

Available Transport[]

3rd Armored 2nd Infantry (SD2) Task Force 45
M2 HT 90
M3 HT 155 20
M3A1 HT 65 20
M4 HST 12
GMC HMG 24 60
GMC (US) 400 400 200


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