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For the Steel Division: Normandy 44 unit see SD:Bofors (Fr)

Bofors is a Free French Anti-air unit in Steel Division II.


22e Groupe Colonial des Forces Terrestres Antiaériennes the Air Defense element of the 2e Blindée was originally issued Bofors.

21e groupe antillais de DCA serves as the air defense element of the 1e Division Française Libre of the upcoming Nemesis: Storming Toulon This formation was originally Bataillon de marche des Antilles n°1 made up of dissidenciés from Antilles and Guyana who left their Vichy held island to serve in the Free French Forces. The Bataillon de marche were converted into 21e groupe antillais de DCA equipped with Bofors. Some companies served as infantry during the Battle of Toulon.

Available Transport[]

2e Blindee 1e DFL
M2 HT 40
HT M5 120 12
HT M5A1 25 8
GMC 150


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