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Beo.Fi 156 C is a German Artillery unit in Steel Division II.


638 Heeres-Artillerie Batterie (bodenständige) with 60 cm Karl-Gerät Nr. VI "Ziu" was the first Karl-Gerät to be deployed to fight in the battle of Warsaw with three more being sent to the battle.


“Emergency” “Fire for effect” “Barrage”
Aiming time 32 sec 48 sec 64 sec
Shots fired 1 1 1
Dispersion 200m 150m 100m

According to the file "GameData/Generated/Gameplay/Gfx/Ammunition.ndf" each type of srtike uses a different ammunition type. Each does a physical damage of 30 and has an AoE of 172m, they differ only in their dispersion values.

The dispersion represent the radial accuracy.


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