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For the Steel Division: Normandy 44 unit see SD:AM-M8 Spahis

AM-M8 Spahis is a Free French Recon unit in Steel Division II.


Elements of the 1st Squadron of the 1st Moroccan Spahi Regiment lead by Captain Paul Jourdier defected from the Vichy-led Army of the Levant to join the British forces in Palestine. During the Syria–Lebanon Campaign the Spahi was dismounted and used trucks in the 1st Free French Brigade. More squadrons were created for the two army corps reconnaissance groups. These groups were combined to form 1er Régiment de Marche de Spahis Marocains to serve as the  reconnaissance regiment of the 2e Blindée.

2e Blindée was built using the American Light Armored DIvision composition so the 1er Régiment de Marche de Spahis Marocains use American Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron pattern with 52 M8. The 1er Régiment de Marche de Spahis Marocains used 5 M8 in their reconnaissance platoon along with a M8 and four Jeeps.


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