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AB Usor is a Romanian Recon unit in Steel Division II.


Main article: Autoblinda 41

The primary variant of Fiat-Ansaldo's Autoblinda armored car, the AB 41 was an evolution of the AB 40. Featuring an all-riveted construction and four-wheel drive, it was a well thought-out and well-designed armored car, capable of reaching speeds of over 70 km/h (45 mph), with reasonable armor on the front, and a powerful 20mm autocannon as its primary design. Despite some minor flaws, like a poorly located engine and unarmored fuel tank, it was considered an excellent design for its time and 550 were produced before the Armistice. Surviving units were captured by Germans and pressed into service as Beutewaffen.

Romania inherited some AB 41 armored cars when Italy left the eastern front. These were issued first to the 1 Blindata "România Mare", and then reassigned to the 5 Cavalerie Motorizata after the armored division waa rearmed with German vehicles.


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