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A-20F-3 Boston Recon Plane is a Soviet Air unit in Steel Division II.


The Douglas A-20 is a United States three-man crew, twin-engined bomber of World War II. Its main role being a light bomber/attack aircraft, it was also used for intruder operations and for reconnaissance. The A-20 was developed and manufactured by the Douglas Aircraft Co. first as the Douglas DB-7, with multiple other variants made during its production years (1939-1944). Of the 7478(or 7385) aircraft produced 2908 were sent to the Soviet Union.

The original American indifference to the Model 7B was overcome by the improvements made for the French and British, and the United States Army Air Corps ordered two models, the A-20 for high-altitude bombing and the A-20A for low and medium altitude combat. Both were similar to the DB-7B. The A-20 was to be fitted with turbosupercharged Wright R-2600-7 engines, but these were bulky and the prototype suffered cooling problems, so the remainder were completed with the two-stage supercharged R-2600-11, 59 as P-70 fighters and 3 as F-3 reconnaissance aircraft.


Berezin UB

The Berezin UB (УБ - Универсальный Березина, "Berezin's Universal") was a 12.7 mm caliber Soviet aircraft machine gun widely used during World War II. The UB is an improved design which came in three different variants: UBK (Крыльевой, Krylyevoi, for the wings), UBS (Синхронный, Sinkhronniy, Synchronized), and UBT(Турельный, Turelniy, for the turret).


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