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A-20C Boston Heavy Bomber 250kg is a Soviet Air unit in Steel Division II.


The Douglas A-20 is a United States three-man crew, twin-engined bomber of World War II. Its main role being a light bomber/attack aircraft, it was also used for intruder operations and for reconnaissance. The A-20 was developed and manufactured by the Douglas Aircraft Co. first as the Douglas DB-7, with multiple other variants made during its production years (1939-1944). Of the 7478(or 7385) aircraft produced 2908 were sent to the Soviet Union.

The A-20C was an attempt to develop a standard, international version of the DB-7/A-20/Boston, produced from 1941. It reverted to the slanting nose glass, and it had RF-2600-23 engines, self-sealing fuel tanks, and additional protective armor.


Berezin UB

The Berezin UB (УБ - Универсальный Березина, "Berezin's Universal") was a 12.7 mm caliber Soviet aircraft machine gun widely used during World War II. The UB is an improved design which came in three different variants: UBK (Крыльевой, Krylyevoi, for the wings), UBS (Синхронный, Sinkhronniy, Synchronized), and UBT(Турельный, Turelniy, for the turret).


FAB (fugasnaya aviatsionnaya bomba) is the Russian term for general purpose bomb and followed by the bomb’s nominal weight in kilograms. Most Russian iron bombs have circular ring airfoils rather than the fins used by Western types.


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