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28M Pavesi Ellat. is a Hungarian Support unit in Steel Division II.


An innovative agricultural tractor designed by Ugo Pavesi in 1918 at the La Motomeccanica Brevetti Ing. Pavesi company in Milan, the P4 was the first Italian four-wheel drive tractor, a double-articulated frame that ensured all four wheels always touched the ground, and oversized wheels, giving it excellent mobility regardless of terrain. However, the same features that made it an excellent all-terrain vehicle also made it prohibitively expensive for civilian clients.

The military version was much more popular, as cost was secondary to performance. The P4/100 version was a dedicated military model, with a lengthened chassis, modified gearbox, and other improvements. Since its introduction in Italian service, the P4 received a slew of improvements and production was licensed out to Fiat and SPA to meet the 1000 vehicle order placed by the Regio Esercito.

Hungary purchased the first batch in 1924, and subsequently licensed the production of the P4 through Manfred Weiss. Like other countries that used the P4 - Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, and Germans after the Italian Armistice - it employed it as an all terrain artillery tractor.


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  • The 28M is an alternative artillery tractor, included to allow for deploying towed pieces with a vehicle that will also provide them with limited resupply.