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River of Blood is a scenario in Steel Division II, set south of Warsaw, August 2nd, 1944.


The Vistula river was the last major natural obstacle between the Red Army and the German border, and Operation Bagration’s ultimate goal had always been to secure a vital bridgehead before the Germans could re-establish a coherent frontline.

On August 2nd, with the Soviet spearheads bogged down only a few kilometers from the Polish capital, an attempt was made to cross the river. The assault took place south of Warsaw in order to bypass the strongest of the German defenses.

The “Red Poles” from the Soviet-controlled Polish People’s Army were selected to lead the attack. As such, Stalin could later claim he orchestrated the attack to assist the Polish Home Army trying to liberate their capital. In reality, the meager Soviet support did little to help the besieged resistance fighters further north.


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