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Pegasus Bridge
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Pegasus Bridge is one of the battlefields found in Steel Division.


Pegasus Bridge ( Bénouville Bridge at the time) was a strategic location targeted by British airborne troops as part of Operation Deadstick on June 6, 1944. The objective was to seize crossings over the Caen Canal and prevent German reinforcements from using them to flank Sword Beach. The bridges were defended by troops of the 716. Infanterie Division (736th Grenadier Regiment), with 21. Panzer Division in the area. The operation was a tremendous success, as the gliders delivered Allied troops on point, the bridges were seized with minimal casualties, and defended against German counterattacks until the evening, when elements of the Allied landing force at Sword Beach linked up with the Bridge defenders.


  • At the smallest size, it is a densely packed map with a well-defined frontline passing through its center. Prepare for a bloodbath, particularly in the center of the village. At largest, it's an expanse of open country neighboring the Caen Canal, featuring open spaces that make for excellent tank and anti-tank operations.


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