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Over the hill and far away is a mission in the singleplayer mode of Steel Division.


Sir Colin,

He who controls Hill 112, controls Normandy. It is in German hands right now, but in due time it must pass into ours.

Your objective is simple: to seize the top of Hill 112. Break through the II. SS-Panzer-Korps defences, clear the plateau, and then prepare your defensive positions, for the Jerries won't give it up so easily.

Make sure to hold the top of that hill whatever the cost, and give us Normandy, General.


In the last 10 days since the 11th Armoured has led the charge South of the Odon, the Germans have fallen back everywhere, including Carpiquet and half of Caen, but they are still on top of Hill 112!

11th Armoured Division is being withdrawn due to heavy losses. We’re holding the line again. General Dempsey has ordered another attempt to be made against Hill 112. Codename is Operation Jupiter.

The «Hill of Calvary» as the men have come to call it. It is held by the remains of 12. SS-Panzer, as well as two more recent SS-Panzer Divisions: the 9th & 10th.

Our orders are to secure the top of Hill 112, and hold it! For this, VIIIth Corps gives you command over the 4th Armoured Brigade. Its Sherman tanks should prove useful to reach the top. The RAF has also promised air support in the form of Typhoons & Mosquitos.

Scouts are reporting that the remains of 12. SS-Panzer are spread thin over the whole front, while 9th & 10th SS-Panzer are gathered in the centre, no doubt to counter-attack. A frontal assault might therefore be a bad idea while flanking manoeuvres may encounter less resistance.

Once on top of the hill, we must be ready to repel anything that they might throw at us. And we can be assured they will…


  • Take and hold Hill 112, with 20 minutes to accomplish is a doable objective. Once you complete it, however, you have to hold it for another 20 minutes, so an early taking is crucial to preserving your sanity. Start with a flanking attack (a tank plus Recce with an UC are a good initial force) to start trimming enemy reinforcement points. Ignore the center, as it's covered by three AT guns: One FlaK 41 88mm and two PaK 40 75mm.
  • The flanking attacks should proceed until the midway point and then attack from the sides. The center is held by some infantry, a PaK, a FlaK 38. The most important part is to secure enemy reinforcement points from the sides, to prevent them from flanking you, particularly in phase C.
  • Holding the top of the hill requires you to weather the attacks for 20 minutes. The enemy will try to envelop you, and fortifying the plateau, particularly with anti-tank guns, and giving yourself good lines of fire on all sides is worth it. Take note: Hill 112 is an elevated position and you might want to position your defenses in-depth, rather than on the outside, to force the enemy to come close (and thus be vulnerable to the greatly increased firepower of your units).

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