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Memento Mori is a scenario in Steel Division II, set at Siedlce, July 24th, 1944.


On July 20th, the German garrison in the eastern Polish city of Siedlce was relieved from an impending encirclement by the timely arrival and subsequent swift counter-attack of the IV. SS-Panzerkorps, which included the elite 3. SS-Panzerdivision “Totenkopf” and 5. SS-Panzerdivision “Wiking”. However, only four days later, the Soviet vanguard managed to move past the town and threatened to surround it further west.

While “Wiking” was fixed in place by the Red Army and unable to reposition, a small battlegroup from the “Totenkopf” was formed around the division’s Panther battalion and rushed to face the new threat. Already on location were hard-pressed Wehrmacht elements from the 102. Infanterie-Division, desperately trying to beat back the assault of the Soviet 11th Tank Corps’ lead armored brigades.


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