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Lvov Offensive is the second of the Nemesis DLC, pitting two notable divisions against one another.


Store description[]

Our second Nemesis DLC option highlights the Lvov Offensive. Although Operation Bagration proved so successful that it went down into history books as the offensive that broke the Wehrmacht’s back, it wasn’t the most powerful Red Army strike planned during the summer of 1944. That honor goes to the Lvov-Sandomierz operation. The double name refers to the Ukrainian city that provided the starting point, while the second title applies to the bridgehead established across the Vistula in Poland.

While the Wehrmacht’s reserves were hurriedly transferred to Belarussia to counter Bagration, the Soviets shipped even more firepower to the Lvov area: three tank armies and one cavalry-mechanized group. This DLC will feature two units which distinguished themselves on each side of the Lvov battlefield: the German 20. Panzergrenadier-Division, supported by Schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung 653 (heavy tank destroyer battalion 653) ; and the Soviet 10th Guards Tank Corps, spearheaded by the 51st Independent Motorcycle Regiment.

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