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Iron Fist is a mission in the singleplayer mode of Steel Division.



Major Warren,

Panzer-Ersatz-Abteilung 100 has been located near the village of Baupte. It seems its old tanks are slowing its retreat, which gives us the opportunity to trap it between your battalion and elements from the 101st Airborne coming the opposite way!

Your orders are to link with the 506th, from 101st Airborne, thus trapping as many German troops as possible between you.

As a secondary objective, try to get in contact with the local Resistance: they seem a bit over-eager to get to grips with the retreating occupier, and could be of some help if you are able to channel their zeal.


With new divisions being brought ashore almost daily, we’re finally breaking through the German defences. Although the 101st is still heavily engaged in Carentan against German paratroopers the 4th Infantry Division is opening the way to Cherbourg to the North while the 90th is leading the charge West to cut the Cotentin in two.

As for us, we’ve been given the opportunity to settle some scores with our old friends from Panzer-Abteilung 100. We are about to link with elements from 101st Airborne coming from the South-East, trapping any German units still lingering North of us.

Amongst which, the French Resistance has identified Panzer-Abteilung 100 retreating towards the village of Baupte, and attempted to harass it on its way. The ambush appeared to have worked well at first, until the local FFI partisans encountered Fallschirmjäger forming the rearguard of the German column. The FFI have been pushed back in the woods, surrounded.

Our orders are to link with the 101st and seal the pocket, destroying Panzer-Abteilung 100 in the process, and if we can, to give the partisans some assistance.

Yet beware of those Fallschirmjäger: they are no ordinary soldiers, and Intelligence can’t tell us much about their strength.

Available forces[]

The available roster will not include any units lost in Hedgerow Hell, Blood on the Rivers, or Burning Bridges
Activation Points Battlegroup slots
Recon Inf Tank Sup AT AA Art Air
35 4 8 6 5 5 3 5 4
A Phase
B Phase
C Phase
  • 1 pack: 2x M8
2 packs: 3x M4A3(76)W


Get map control[]

  • You have 40 minutes to secure a Conquer victory against the combined Axis forces. The enemy is a formidable challenge, given their numbers (armored support is limited to antiquated Beutepanzer, like Panzer L6(i), Panzer 35H(f), and Panzer B2(f). The situation changes dramatically in Phase B, when the 17. SS-Panzergrenadier enters the fray with a host of assault guns and armored cars.

Rescue the partisans[]

  • The FFI are sandwiched between the two enemy deployment zones. Link up with them early, using infantry moving through the woods, to gain a powerful ally in the fight (Maquisard FFI, Saboteurs FFI, and CDP FFI). The real prize, however, are the tanks they bring: A Char B1 Bis, four H-35s, and two recon Kübel. FFI. Three groups of FFI troops will also deploy inside your zones, acting as rear guard.