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Infantry is a class of units in Steel Division. This category regroups rifle & assault squads and their corresponding squad leaders, as well as machine-gun teams.

Tactical role[edit | edit source]

Infantry is one of the most context-sensitive types of units in Steel Division. Although infantry squads are extremely versatile and frequently include weapons capable of taking out any kind of unit on land, they are quite vulnerable to enemy fire and require cover to survive. Infantry is reliant on other units to get to where it needs to attack. Soldiers marching are quite slow and vulnerable when caught in the open, and while transported, they can be very easily wiped out by even the lowliest anti-tank weapons.

In urban areas or forests, infantry is essentially a nemesis, since they can strike hard and then fall back into the safety of buildings or woods, requiring air strikes or artillery to panic and force out of cover or to just eliminate. A well-managed infantry division can dig in like a stubborn tick, and coupled with the general cheapness of units, can last quite a while on the battlefield, even against theoretically superior armored units.

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