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Escape from Brest is a scenario in Steel Division II, set west of Brest, July 27th, 1944.


After much debate and frequent delays, the German garrison of “Fortress Brest-Litovsk”, a rag-tag battlegroup of security regiments and weary soldiers from fragmented units, were allowed to break out west. While detachments from 3. SS-Panzerdivision “Wiking” were supposed to counter-attack from friendly lines to clear the way, these relief forces were re-routed at the last minute towards Warsaw to contain the Soviet mobile forces advancing on the Polish capital.

This left the ill-equipped Kampfgruppe Felzmann to its own devices. Stranded in the open, the ad hoc formation had to fight through dense formations of Red Army cavalry units, with the only help to come from hastily formed elements of the 102. Infantrie-Division and a Luftwaffe that put in an extra effort that day.


SPECIAL RULE: in this Historical Battle, the German side can only make the Soviet side lose points by controlling ALL the flags, not just the majority. This represents the Germans forces having to keep the escape route open at all cost. As such, the objectives are simple: Interdict and destroy the German evacuation.

Available forces[]