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Caumont L'Eventé
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General data
EnvironmentForested, rural area

Caumont L'Eventé is one of the battlefields found in Steel Division.


Caumont L'Eventé was part of the so-called Caumont Gap, created when the 352. Infanterie Division retreated to Saint Lo to regroup on the night of 9/10 June 1944. With only a reconnaissance battalion of the 17. SS-Panzergrenadier in the area, Nazi forces moved to plug the gap. However, with the 2. Panzer Division spread thinly, Sepp Dietrich could only allocate the reserve Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101 (Michael Wittman's unit) to defend the area, allowing Allied units to move unopposed through the gap on June 12, pushing through to Villers-Bocage. Caumont itself was occupied by elements of the 1st Infantry Division, virtually without resistance.


The layout of the map

  • Caumont is a map that puts a premium on mobile forces, with the wide open spaces bracketed by forests. Infantry will be forced to cross large open spaces without much cover in between, necessitating heavy support from armor, artillery and smoke. The two lines of forests in particular are the only larger amounts of cover for infantry and are likely to become major frontlines in the combat.
  • Control over the major roads passing through the map, connecting the two opposing sides, will decide the battle, due to the speed with which they can convey new forces to the front.


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