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Burning Bridges is a mission in the singleplayer mode of Steel Division.


Major Warren,

The immediate threat against Sainte-Mère is lifted, but it is merely a respite. The Germans are gathering forces West of the Merderet river and trying to secure a crossing to get back at Sainte-Mère.

Your orders are to get there, take command of the 508th's 1st battalion and prevent the Germans from securing the main causeway's bridge until we can send you more reinforcements. Then, once you've built up enough strength, your objective is to attack the German concentration area and repel them.

As a secondary objective, try to locate and destroy a major anti-aircraft, next preventing the Air Force from operating in the area. If you can neutralise it, air support will be directed your way.


The situation is improving, sir. The beachhead is expanding North, relieving the pressure from Sainte-Mère-Eglise, and in the South the 101st Airborne is regrouping for an assault on Carentan. But the 507th & 508th’s situation on the Merderet river remains hazardous.

They were scattered by the drops, and the crossings they were supposed to secure are still contested. And if that were not enough, the 508th’s 1st battalion’s CO was just killed. Division is sending you to take charge, Major.

Your 1st battalion, 508th P.I.R., is holding a sector of the Merderet river, sir. So far, it's been able to prevent the Germans from crossing and threatening the bridgehead but they’ve suffered heavy casualties, and are in desperate need of reinforcements. Besides, their last reports indicate that the Germans are bringing armoured support for their next assault.

Aside from the 1st battalion’s elements already holding the crossings, we won’t have time to deploy further troops before they launch their attack. The rest of your troops will have to be engaged as they arrive.

Our mission is to hold the main causeway long enough for the 70th Tank Battalion to reinforce us, and then with this support, to push the Germans back.

Be aware that the Air Force indicate heavy AA cover in this sector. If we could locate and destroy those guns, they’ll bring the air support.

Available forces[]

The available roster will not include any units lost in Hedgerow Hell or Blood on the Rivers
Activation Points Battlegroup slots
Recon Inf Tank Sup AT AA Art Air
30 4 8 5 5 5 1 5 2
A Phase
B Phase
C Phase
  • 1 pack: 2x M8


Hold the bridge[]

  • To accomplish this, you need to have a unit in the target circle at the end of the 20 minute time limit. The Germans will probe your positions along the length of the river, focusing on the central and western crossings, with the front guard consisting of Ersatztruppen and Panzer 39H(f) tanks. You will also be facing flanking attacks by Ersatztruppen supported by MG 34s and frontal attacks on the bridge by Panzer 35S(f) tanks in addition to the aforementioned cavalry tanks.

Secondary: Destroy the FlaK[]

  • Straightforward. You need to destroy the enemy anti-aircraft battery (five 88mm guns) to gain air support. The FlaK Abteilung is located near the chateau to the east and can be wiped out with a concentrated artillery barrage (pack a Ford GPA OP).

Secure the woods[]

  • This time you are on the offensive. The goal is simple: Reach the designated marker within 20 minutes. The 70th tank batalion will aid you in the push with a pair of M4 DDs, a pair of M4A1, and a M4A1 OP (155mm). The Germans will abandon their positions and retreat. Be wary of charging out with tanks: Germans have an entrenched PaK 40 under the trees. Furthermore, they will shore up their position with a pair of Marder Is and three Bef. Panzer 35S(f).
  • The 70th will further support you with another M4A1, CMD M4A1, and M4A1 OP at the 13 minute mark. If you also eliminated the enemy FlaK battery, B-26 Marauders will make periodic bombing runs on German positions, bombing a strip from the farm to the woods you need to conquer.