Steel Division Wiki

Buildings are structures on the map which can be captured by infantry units. While in Steel Div 44 there are two types of cover: light (yellow/gold) and heavy (green), buildings always provide heavy cover. All buildings but concrete bunkers can be destroyed.

The file ../CommonData/Gameplay/Constantes/Enumerations/ArmureType.ndf differentiates three levels of building sturdiness:

   Batiment                is 0
   Batiment_Lourd          is 1
   Batiment_Ultra_Lourd    is 2

Attacking a building with fire[]

When a building with infantry inside is attacked by a "fire weapon" This unit carries a flamethrower, a weapon able set buildings on fire and force infantry to evacuate them immediately. A flamethrower has a devastating effect on open top vehicles, and a minor effect and enclosed armored units. FLAMER (e.g. Flammenwfr., Flammpz. Sd.Kfz. 251/16), the capturing infantry is forced to leave the building, receiving minor suppression damage in the process. The building itself will be on fire for a while, and infantry ordered to enter it, will evacuate it immediately again.


As documented in Game mechanics: Vision - Chance to Spot and Identify a building offers an even better concealment against being spotting or identified then other heavy cover!