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Blood on the Rivers is a mission in the singleplayer mode of Steel Division.



Major Warren,

4th Infantry Division is moving inland, expanding the beachhead. But the success of Overlord is still in the balance: our paratroopers have been dropped in a somewhat cavalier manner and regimental objectives are being held by mere companies and battalion. We need to reinforce them.

Your objective, with the advanced elements of 4th Infantry Division under your command, is to get to Sainte-Mère-Eglise as fast as possible to secure the 505th Parachute Regiment. They are too few, and almost out of munitions. Get to them, re-supply them, and help them to fight off the German counter-attacks.

You will get priority support from the Air Force & Navy guns to help clear your way for that mission.


4th Infantry Division is still in the process of landing, but the Germans are starting to react, and closing on the beachhead from all sides.

The 505th in Sainte-Mère-Eglise reports being under siege. We have to reinforce them ASAP, with any help the 4th Infantry Division can provide. Sainte-Mère-Eglise is surrounded on all sides, Major.

Colonel Ekman, 505th‘s CO, reports heavy shelling and infantry attacks from the North while tanks and armoured vehicles, mostly French captured ones, are attacking from the South. Up West, a Grenadier regiment has taken defensive position, preventing the 505th from reinforcing our other regiments at the Merderet's bridges.

Colonel Ekman also reports some German paratroopers’ elements taking position East of the city but not attacking. They must be here to prevent anyone from relieving our garrison. The 505th is running out of ammo: we must break through to them with supplies then repel the German assaults until they back down.

Available forces[]

The available roster will not include any units lost in Hedgerow Hell
Activation Points Battlegroup slots
Recon Inf Tank Sup AT AA Art Air
25 4 8 3 4 4 0 5 2
A Phase
B Phase
C Phase
  • 1 pack: 2x M8


Link up with the paratroopers in Sainte-Mère-Eglise.[]

  • You've got 25 minutes to link up with the troops in the town. To do so, simply move your troops near the other soldiers. You need to take at least 20 units under your command. The way into the town is fairly straightforward, if you pack an M7 DD and an M4 DD, giving you a moving source of fire. Just suppress the enemy troops or wipe them out, then send a Jeep Supply into town. Approach friendly units and take them under command.
  • Keep a couple infantry units in the farmhouses on the supply road to prevent Fallschirmjager units from cutting you off from reinforcements. An M1919 and a squad of Glider Rifles is usually enough. The large open field is also vulnerable to incursions.

Hold the town for 20 minutes[]

  • Now you have to hold the town for 20 minutes, maintaining American units inside. At around the 12m mark, you will have enemy 88mm guns coming in from Ravenoville (east). And receive an objective to take them out. Destroying the FlaK 41 88mm will result in an airstrike on German positions.
  • As the clock winds down, the Germans will renew an attack from the west, spearheaded by Beutepanzer: Panzer B2(f) supported by old Hotchkiss tanks, Panzer 39H(f). The 47mm gun on them is largely irrelevant insofar M4 Shermans are concerned, but infantry is extremely vulnerable, particularly to the hull-mounted howitzer on the B2. Another B2 will come from the East, so plan accordingly.
  • Once the timer is up the mission ends.