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Battle of Sandomierz Bridgehead is the first of the Nemesis DLC, pitting two notable divisions against one another.


Store description[]

Our first Nemesis DLC highlights the Battle of Sandomierz Bridgehead and transports us to August 13th, 1944, to the battlegrounds of Poland. This battle took place south of Warsaw while the more important clash of Praga/Radzymin (featured in our Death on the Vistula expansion) at the gates of the Polish capital was dying down. Further south, the Red Army had managed to cross the Vistula and establish a bridgehead on its western banks near the town of Sandomierz, which the Germans were desperate to destroy at all costs.

What makes this particular battle interesting is that it was the first clash on the Eastern Front between the two super-heavy tanks of World War II: IS-2 vs. Königstiger! A duel that was won that day with flying colors by the Red Army.

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