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Battle for the Odon is a mission in the singleplayer mode of Steel Division.


Sir Colin,

The Germans have been shaken by our breakthrough at Cheux, but they are recovering quickly. We need to hurry and cross the Odon before they can reorganise.

Your orders are to secure at least one bridge over that river, and establish a beachhead on the other side. Corps assets are on alert to give you support and exploit a crossing as soon as you have secured one.

Be careful, the Germans won't easily let us set foot on the other side of the Odon, and they are building for a counter-offensive.


The German front is yielding, but has yet to break. The salient that our division has dug into has brought us within reach of Hill 112, but one major obstacle stands in our way: the Odon river. We have to secure a crossing before the Germans regain their footing and use it as a line of defence.

The Germans have redirected every armoured unit in the sector towards us. Not only are they protecting the river crossings, but they seem intent on retaking lost ground.

Our mission is to secure at least one of those bridges and establish a beachhead on the other side of the Odon. It will be a head-on clash with some of the best German armoured units! The choice of the point of crossing is left to you, General. Support battlegroups are waiting to advance, depending on which you secure.

The Taillebosq Bridge is defended by an armoured battlegroup from 2. SS-Panzer. The area is mostly open country, with a wide range of fire.

Pont Neuf is guarded by infantry with artillery support and a few armoured vehicles from 1. SS-Panzer & 21. Panzer. The bridge lies in an extremely wooded area.

The Mehaye Bridge is held by our old nemesis from 12. SS-Panzer, mostly Panzergrenadier supported by a few Panther tanks.


  • Your objective is to gain a Conquest victory in 40 minutes with a 4000 point score limit. Additionally, you will need to secure at least one of three crossings on the Pont Neuf as part of your objectives, each providing you with additional assets.
  • The central crossing is defended primarily by enemy infantry supported by a Panzer IV C. It is typically the best first target for an attack, as the Phase A Crocodiles are largely invulnerable to the weapons they can muster. Securing this crossing will give you a pair of Priests and an AOP Carrier, together with a supply Bedford, and introduce the engineers onto the battlefield, who will try to hold the center bridge. Essentially, your next goal is to seize either of the two other bridges by attacking them from the rear. If you manage to do it while still in Phase A, the enemy opposition will be limited.
  • The left-hand bridge seems easy to reach, but is covered by a FlaK 88mm. Artillery is needed to suppress it in the wide open space. Furthermore, in phase C, you will have to content with Tiger Es. Seizing it is worth a CMD Cromwell IV and no less than five Cromwell Vs.

Available forces[]

Activation Points Battlegroup slots
Recon Inf Tank Sup AT AA Art Air
25 3 8 5 4 5 0 5 0
A Phase
B Phase