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Baranovitchi is the fourth campaign in the Army General mode in Steel Division II. It has a level 1 difficulty/complexity.

For the order of battle, see Baranovichi campaign order of battle.


As the Germans are finally receiving some long-awaited reinforcements and planning a counter-attack, the Soviet are pushing their offensive further West, at the risk of overextending their supply lines ...

Ten days into OPERATION BAGRATION, Army Group Center is in tatters and Soviets armored spearheads are roaming free in several directions. Yet, the unimaginative Feldmarschal Busch had been dismissed and his successor, Feldmarschal Model (the "Führer’s Fireman") was now firmly in command and starting to receive some reinforcements. Meanwhile, the Soviets had outpaced their own planning, and supplies couldn't match the advance of the spearheads: the offensive was losing steam.

It is in this situation that the battle of Baranovichi-Slutsk took place, with one side starting to recover from the initial blow, while the other tried to push its luck beyond expectations ...


Army Group Center has been virtually destroyed! Remnants of the 3rd Panzerarmee and 9th Army are being pushed back in opposite directions. Between the two, a huge gap almost 100 km wide has opened, with the Soviet 1st and 3rd Belorussian Fronts about to meet in Minsk, which has been abandoned by the Germans. The 4. Armee, which has managed to avoid the first encirclement along the Berezina, is now trapped east of the city. Hitler, finally having taken stock of the situation, has authorized major reinforcements to be dispatched to Baranovichi in order to stabilize the front... and counter-attack towards Minsk! Meanwhile, the Soviets are pushing mobile troops towards that same city, intending to accomplish a second encirclement. The 1st Mechanized Corps has just captured Slutsk and is pushing toward Baranovichi, but the German defense has toughened due to reinforcements arriving from Baranovichi. Up north, an advance party from 5th Guards Cavalry Corps has captured Stolpce, isolating retreating Germans from Minsk. Alas, they are too weak to hold on without reinforcements.


Your primary objective is to capture Baranovichi. If you think you can spare troops, hold on to Stolpce - we would trap a lot of units in the Minsk pockets and prevent them from reinforcing the Germans near Baranovichi.


General, two elite divisions, the 4. Panzer and 28. Jager, as well as Hungarian elements and Luftwaffe squadrons are on their way to reinforce us. Although not enough to turn the tables, at least they give us an opportunity for a limited counterattack. Your mission is to set up a new defensive line, to stop the Soviet offensive, and hold on to Baranovichi. Also, if you can retake Stolpce, captured by an advance party of Cossacks, it will allow the retreating Gruppe Lindig to reconnect with us and reinforce our defenses.

Historical outcome[]

When the Soviets surrounded and threatened most of the 4. Kavallerie-Brigade with annihilation, lead elements of the 4. Panzerdivision were rushed forward to save their comrades-in-arms. Although most of the German cavalry troops managed to escape the trap, 4. Panzer's forces were split and couldn't achieve the counter-attack they were planned to do.

Meanwhile, 28. Jager-Division and other ad hoc units attacked in the direction of Minsk. But although they denied the use of the Stolpce bridge to the Soviets, they were never able to recapture the city. What remained of both the 12. and 20. Panzer, and Gruppe Lindig, after the escape from Bobruisk had to fight their way east, alongside the river in heavily wooded terrain. Only by abandoning most of their vehicles and heavy equipment, would these fragmented units be able to reach friendly lines, but arriving in no state to return to combat anytime soon.


  • The goal is to seize the town of Baranowicze, a vital transportation hub for the Nazi war machine and crucial link in the offensive westwards. The situation is complex, as you have a broad front, an advance position in Stolpce for the Soviets and a surprising amount of maneuvering space due to the robust road network. The two airfields are just west of Baranowicze (for the Germans) and right next to the eastern border of the map (for the Soviets). The deadline is July 9th for the Soviets.
  • For the Germans, reducing the advance position at Stolpce is a critical concern, as it provides a direct route to Baranowicze. Rushing a number of units to block the roads and corral advancing enemy battalions is essential, and Niemen provides a fine bulwark against penetration, especially with the presence of forests and swamps to the east. The vulnerable advance defensive lines near Sselischetszchy can be surrounded from the north and spreadingforces out to keep the enemy from overrunning them is necessary. What can be done instead is rushing several units into gaps in the Soviet defensive lines to attack and seize the enemy airfield. Although vulnerable to encirclement, doing so will force the other side to divide their forces to maintain the front.
  • Conversely, the Soviets need to focus on bypassing and encircling the German-Hungarian defensive line in the same spot. At the outset there's a large gap between the first and second lines of defense that can be ruthlessly exploited with just a couple of battalions. Putting the forward positions in danger is a fine way to motivate the Nazis to either retreat or start acting erratically. Reinforcing the Cossacks at Stolpce is useful for keeping the pressure on the enemy and forcing them to divide their units. If the heavy tank battalion 507 (s.Panzer-Abteilung 507) that starts out east of Baranowicze is sent to retake Stolpce, there's a good chance of destroying one of the most powerful armored units on the map.


  • July 3, 7PM: Soviet troops liberate Minsk.


  • July 5, 7 PM: 9th Guards Cavalry Division is available with 4th Guards Cavalry Corps.
  • July 6, 7 AM: 1st Guards Tank Corps is available.
  • July 7, 7 AM: Comrade, the Stavka is worried about your ability to fulfill the goal set for you! You have 2 days remaining (4 turns).
  • July 8, 7 AM: Comrade, Baranowicze is still held by the fascists! You have 1 day left (2 turns) to change this.
  • Victory: Baranovichi has been lost, and its exhausted defenders pushed further east. Any chance for Feldmarschall Model to close the massive gap between his two army wings is gone forever.


  • On retaking Stolpce: Congratulations General, you managed to join the 12. Panzer.
  • July 4 (3): Panzer-Rgt. 35 is available with 4. Panzer.
  • Morning July 7 (8): The longer we hold Baranovichi, the more reinforcements we can bring.
  • Morning July 8 (10): Keep them away from Baranovichi for one more day - much-needed supplies are being brought up.
  • Morning July 9 (12): Hold on for a few more hours and we'll have gathered enough troops to stabilize the front.
  • Victory: Turning Baranovichi into a strongpoint, Feldmarschall Model has managed to halt the southern prong of the Soviet offensive. Although Minsk has been liberated by the Soviets, Warsaw will remain German for some time to come.



  • Evening July 3:
    • Pz.Grenadier-Rgt. 33 (4. Panzer, 30)
    • I,/Sich-Rgt. 88 (52. Sicherungs-Division, 30)
  • Morning July 4:
    • Pz.Grenadier-Rgt. 12 (4. Panzer, 30)
    • Pz-Artillerie--Rgt. 10 (4. Panzer, 30)
  • Evening July 4:
    • Panzer-Rgt. 35 (4. Panzer, 30)
  • Reserve (4. Panzer, 50)
  • Morning July 5:
    • Jäger-Rgt. 49 (28. Light Infantry Division, 30)
    • Reserve (Gruppe Harteneck, 0)
    • KG Bischoff (12. Panzer, 35, requires holding Stolpce)
  • Evening July 5:
    • Reserve (28. Light Infantry Division, 30)
  • Morning July 6:
    • Jäger-Rgt. 83 (28. Light Infantry Division, 30)
    • 2. Huzaren-Regiment (1st (Hung) Cavalry Division, 20)
    • Reserve (12. Panzer, 35, requires holding Stolpce)
  • Evening July 6:
    • 1. Lovas Hadosztaly (1st (Hung) Cavalry Division, 20)
  • Morning July 7:
    • Artillerie-Rgt. 28 (28. Light Infantry Division, 30)
    • 3. Huzaren-Regiment (1st (Hung) Cavalry Division, 20)


  • Start:
    • 35th Mech Brigade (1st Mechanised Corps, 35)
  • Evening July 3:
    • 1st Mech Corps Reserve (1st Mech Corps, 40)
  • Morning July 4:
    • 4th G. Cav Corps Reserve (4th Guards Cavalry Corps, 50)
  • Evening July 4:
    • 37th Mech Brigade (1st Mech Corps, 30)
  • Evening July 5:
    • 9th G. Cav. Division (4th Guards Cavalry Corps, 70)
  • Morning July 6:
    • 15th G. Tank Brigade (1st Guards Tank Corps, 50)
  • Evening July 6:
    • 16th G. Tank Brigade (1st Guards Tank Corps, 50)
  • Morning July 7:
    • 1st G. Mot Brigade (1st Guards Tank Corps, 50)
  • Evening July 7:
    • 1st G. Tank Corps Reserve (1st Guards Tank Corps, 40)
  • Morning July 8:
    • 16th G. Tank Brigade (1st Guards Tank Corps, 40)