Steel Division Wiki

Back to Hell is the second purchasable DLC for Steel Division, available from Steam for $14.99. It introduces four new divisions and 9 historical missions.




All Missions are playable in solo, Co-op, and PvP.

There are two 1v1, five 2v2 and one 3v3 mission.

They are based on real battles of the Normandy campaign.

Name Type Background Date
2v2 Hold the Pegasus Bridge with British Airborne troops against German infantry and tank division June 6th, 1944
2v2 Attempt to relieve the Rangers at Pointe du Hoc on D-Day +1. June 7th, 1944
1v1 Attempt by the Big Red One to break through near Caumont-l'Evente. June 12th, 1944
2v2 Canadian Attack on Carpiquet airfield. July 4th, 1944
1v1 Counterattack of the german 12 Panzer division against the Canadians at Carpiquet Airfield. July 6th, 1944
2v2 Attack of the Canadian Forces on the Steelworks of Colombelles. July 18th, 1944
2v2 British Breakthrough attempt out of the the Normandy pocket after Operation Cobra. July 30th, 1944
3v3 The Battle of Mont Ormel in which German Forces tried to break out of the Falais pocket through Polish positions with a 2 side attack. August 21st, 1944