6-pdr 57mm (Gre)

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6-pdr 57mm
Anti-tank gun
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General data
Deployment cost70
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1x QF 6-pdr AT (57mm)

Rate of fire: 12 r/m
Traverse: 9°/s

Penetration: 175 mm
Damage: 1
Suppression: 203
Blast: 26
Accuracy: 45 %
Range: 2000 m

Penetration: 115 mm
Damage: 5
Suppression: 109
Blast: 26
Accuracy: 55 %
Range: 2000 m

Ammunition6 (APCR)
54 (AP)
Squad strength6
Top canon 6pdr uk sd2.png
Mobility and detection
Special abilities
This type of unit (paratroopers, commandos, mountaineers, ...) is used to operate isolated from the army's main body. This unit doesn't suffer suppression malus when behind enemy lines. RAIDERS

6-pdr 57mm is a Greek Anti-tank unit in Steel Division II Nemesis DLC, Battle of Rimini.

Background[edit | edit source]

3rd Greek Mountain Brigade had three infantry battalion each with their own anti-tank platoon.

Available Transports[edit | edit source]

2nd New-Zealand
Bedford 200

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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