38M Toldi IIA

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38M Toldi IIA
Armored recon
SD2 Armory E032.png
Toldi iia hon sd2.png
General data
Deployment cost35
Weap canon l56 37mm sd2.png

1x 37/42M Mavag (40mm)

Rate of fire: 17 r/m
Traverse: 15°/s

Penetration: 65 mm
Damage: 4
Suppression: 65
Blast: 26
Accuracy: 30 %
Range: 2000 m

Penetration: 0 mm
Damage: 0
Suppression: 91
Blast: 1066
Accuracy: 20 %
Range: 2000 m

Weap gebauer 34m 7 92mm turret airair sd2.png

1x Gebauer 1934/40.M MG (8mm)

Rate of fire: 272 r/m
Traverse: 90°/s

Damage: 0.5
Suppression: 30
Blast: 26
Accuracy: 10 %
Range: 750 m

Ammunition27/25 (AP/HE)
1200 (MG)
Top toldi ii hon sd2.png
Front: 30 mm
Top: Strong
Side: 15 mm
Rear: 10 mm
Mobility and detection
Speed29 km/h
Speed on roads45 km/h
Special abilities
This unit is specialised in reconnaissance: it can spot an enemy unit from further away than regular troops, and identify it quicker.Recon troops don't affect the frontline, nor are they affected by morale penalties in enemy territory. RECON

38M Toldi IIA is a Hungarian Recon unit in Steel Division II.

Background[edit | edit source]

38M Toldi I was the Hungarian production of the Swedish Landsverk L-60. Named after Miklós Toldi a Magyar medieval knight. At that time the main threat that these tanks would fight were from Czechoslovakia. In the earlier Hungarian involvement of Second World War, these tanks fought against T-26 and BT-5 tanks but against T-34 38M Toldi I's 20mm cannon was ineffective. 38M Toldi IIA replaced the 20mm with a 37/42M Mavag a Licensed production of the Bofors gun.

1. Lovas's 3rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion was planned to have a company of 18 Toldi. 1st Cavalry Tank Battalion had a light tank platoon of five.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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