25-pdr 87,6mm (NZ)

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25-pdr 87,6mm
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General data
Deployment cost75
Weap howz qf 25pdr sd2.png

1x QF 25-pdr (87.6mm)

Rate of fire: 10 r/m
Traverse: 45°/s

Penetration: 120 mm
Damage: 7
Suppression: 115
Blast: 26
Accuracy: 40 %
Range: 2000 m

Penetration: 0 mm
Damage: 4
Suppression: 275
Blast: 4472
Accuracy: 30 %

Penetration: 0 mm
Damage: 0
Suppression: 0
Blast: 4212
Special: Deploys smoke

Ammunition5/40 (AP/HE)
15 (smoke)
Squad strength5
Top canon 25pdr uk sd2.png
Mobility and detection
Special abilities
This unit is able to fire HE & smoke shells at any point within its range, even without line of sight and over obstacles. INDIRECT FIRE
This unit has a radio, making it possible for it to use corrected shot. RADIO
This unit is equipped with smoke bombs, harmless to the enemy but generating a large smoke screen. SMOKELAYER

25-pdr 87,6mm is a New Zealand Artillery unit in Steel Division II Nemesis DLC, Battle of Rimini.

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

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