2-in Mortar (UK) (SD2)

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2-in Mortar (UK)
Infantry gun
General data
Deployment cost15

1x 2-in mortar (50mm)

Rate of fire: 28 r/m
Traverse: 45°/s

Damage: 2
Suppression: 191
Blast: 2782
Accuracy: 30 %
Range: 540 m

Blast: 2730
Range: 540 m
Special: Deploys smoke

Ammunition54/6 (HE/Smoke)
Mobility and detection
Speed13 km/h
Speed on roadsGood km/h

2-in Mortar (UK) is a British Support unit in Steel Division II.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ordnance SBML two-inch mortar was a Platoon level asset for the infantry platoon. Each Platoon headquarters has a mortar detachment of three men with Lance Corporal and two Mortar Crewmen. This detachments provides the Platoon Commander with organic smoke or HE.

Available Transport[edit | edit source]

15th Infantry
Loyd Carrier 90
Willys MB 100
Bedford 200
CMP 100

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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